15 things we learned…from the Mo Farah documentary

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August 1, 2016
August 6, 2016

15 things we learned…from the Mo Farah documentary


1. Mo Farah runs 120 miles per week.

2. There is a genuine concern that Mo might be overtraining.

3. Mo is not doing anything illegal. Can we be clear on that? NOTHING illegal.

4. The secret to Mo’s success is hard work, an altitude tent and more hard work. NOTHING ELSE.

5. Galen Rupp doesn’t exist anymore.

6. Mo’s life is tough.

7. Tania’s life is tough. It remains unclear what she actually does other than talk about how tough her life is.

8. Mo is allowed to drive a car.

9. British Athletics: totally implicated.

10. Mo and Tania don’t really have many deep and meaningful conversations.

11. Mo likes to win.

12. Mo trains really hard. That is his secret. Hard training. NOTHING ELSE.

13. See above. NOTHING ELSE.

14. People that criticise are wrong. Period.

15. Lord Coe didn’t think Mo would make it.