15 things you never knew about…the British Milers Club

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July 21, 2016
July 25, 2016

15 things you never knew about…the British Milers Club

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As imagined by James Fairbourn

1. The Watford track is 4.32m short.

2. The organisers are commissioned on the number of PBs run. If the rate drops below 40%, the volunteers are not entitled to free tea and coffee at the next Grand Prix.

3. The BMC away day in 2015 was in St Lucia. The entry fees had to be raised in order to cover the costs.

4. Wind blocking screens acquired for £45,000 were ruled illegal by the IAAF and are currently in a shed round the back of the Stretford track.

5. The annual BMC black tie social event features results from the 2004 season pinned to the wall by way of entertainment.

6. There have been five occasions where an official has been hurt by a misfiring pistol. An athlete was once injured when a starter suffered a mental breakdown.

7. Pat Fitzgerald is a man.

8. If you fail to give at least 48 hours notice that you are no longer racing, the BMC ban you for life.

9. The BMC gold vest is based on the colour of an athlete’s post-race vomit.

10. The hand stamps used at the turn-styles require a special alcohol-based solution to get them off.

11. Andy Vernon was handed a three year BMC ban in 2011 after an incident with some safety pins and a port-a-loo.

12. The BMC hates losers.

13. The Bicycling Manufacturing Company (known colloquially as BMC racing) sued the BMC for £3.4m in 2009 for copyright infringement.

14. The BMC Grand Prix at Oxford was voted ‘most boring sporting event’ of 2014.

15. The average age of the BMC board of directors is 94.