15 things you never knew about…TUEs

2016 season lookahead: September
September 21, 2016
Road relays return to form at Sutton Park
October 9, 2016

15 things you never knew about…TUEs


1. Apparently, professional sport is for really sick people.

2. A note from your mum would probably be sufficient.

3. The word ‘necessary’ is open to wild interpretation.

4. The complications from a cold can require an IV.

5. All the Brits that have them need them. All the foreigners don’t.

6. The Red Cross has a dedicated appeal to help the world’s sick athletes.

7. Some athletes are enjoying extended bump in people knowing who they are after the Olympics.

8. Mark Zuckerburg would really ruin things if he were able to cure all diseases.

9. TUEs can be backdated so long as you think quickly enough.

10. Nice alternative to not hearing the doorbell.

11. Drug companies love sports people.

12. Sports doctors are not doing a great job at preventing illness.

13. The Fancy Bears were not invited to the teddy bears’ picnic.

14. Team GB hired a separate plane for all the prescription medication needed in Rio.

15. Turns out that when there is a massive, state-funded, elite sport programme, there really is no need to cheat.