15 things we learned…from the Commons Select Committee

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April 13, 2017
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April 20, 2017

15 things we learned…from the Commons Select Committee


1. Apparently a medical doctor forgetting to record a patient’s treatment isn’t a problem.

2. Caring for 140 professional sportspeople is significantly harder than working in a hospital.

3. A world class performance programme doesn’t give athletes an unfair advantage.

4. A world class performance programme just provides access to performance enhancing drugs that ‘normal’ athletes don’t have.

5. Dr Chakraverty is now working with the England football team. This should be seen as his main defence.

6. Ed Warner knows he is the designated scapegoat when the house falls in.

7. Professional athletics is really unhealthy.

8. Sir Mo thinks L-carnitine is a sugary snack.

9. It’s a welcome break from rolling election coverage.

10. L-carnitine is freely available at all good supermarkets.

11. Alberto Salazar once watched an episode of House and now thinks he’s the shit.

12. ‘Supplement’ is a preferable term to ‘performance-enhancing drug’.

13. Barry Fudge knows where the bodies are buried.

14. Imagine if a Russian doctor did that.

15. Dr Chakraverty says that the dose given to Mo was legal. We will have to take his word for it.