15 things we learned…from The Sunday Times revelations

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February 17, 2017
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15 things we learned…from The Sunday Times revelations


1. Steve Magness’ lawyer has negotiated a cracking deal.

2. The Sunday Times continue their vindictive, cruel and unnecessary assault on athletes that lie.

3. However sick his athletes aren’t, Salazar is a sick, sick man.

4. It calls into question results from the Midhurst village fun run.

5. There must be a way we can blame Russia for this.

6. OH MY GOD! They did that?!

7. ‘Just because his coach offered that to all his other athletes, doesn’t mean HE did it.’

8. All quiet on the Paula front.

9. Read it again. It gets worse.

10. President Coe still can’t go three days without speaking to his lawyer.

11. Imagine if Russia did that.

12. Long-term health nowhere near as important as running fast.

13. At least Oregon is going to host a major athletics event in 2021.

14. David Beckham might have been a safer bet for a knighthood.

15. ‘A tissue! A tissue! We all fall down!’